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Marlene Sarli


Marlene is a multi-faceted, benevolent weirdo with a deep love for humans and animals. From 1999-2013, Marlene dedicated herself to a career in canine behavior therapy and behavior modification, focusing on the rehabilitation of aggressive and fearful dogs. Her expertise and passion has always been helping people and animals feel freedom and safety. 
Her life experiences have led her to understand that Adversity is our greatest teacher, and that each perceived roadblock has within it the potential for growth, no matter how traumatic the roadblock seems.  
She is grateful to be using her superpowers (bringing people together in a united purpose, fear reduction, and perspective shifting) to help people who are ready to actualize their potential. 

Mayra Marino


"I have happily been working in the non-profit world for over 10 years. 
This project is special for me because it allows me the opportunity to bond with other women who have gone through the same health challenges as I have.  I am also excited to use my superpowers to be a positive force in helping to heal and strengthen where it is really needed. "

Ben Johnson

Ben Johnson is a sound engineer, music connoisseur, and an avid believer in the healing powers of sound vibration.

He will be providing his talents as the musical/visual coordinator for the upcoming Hidden Warriors Project's gallery event and after party.

Jason Goodrich


Jason Goodrich is an intuitive empath, and compulsive creator, with massive integrity! One of his MANY superpowers is making the people he photographs feel safe and comfortable enough to really let go.

Joan Kelly


 "The moment I read Marlene's email explaining Hidden Warriors and inviting Cosmik Souls Couture Designs to participate, I was all in! Marlene's energy is infectious and I knew right off that I had to be a part of the project. For Marlene and Hidden Warriors and for the ladies whom we wish to reach and help through the warrior makeover process ... I wish to celebrate these brave ladies for their courage and role modeling. In the end they will touch and help us just as equally bringing the project full circle ... Women to women ... Each stronger by having crossed paths through Hidden Warriors Project. Lifting one another higher through friendship, artistry and self expression. So looking forward to getting started!

Emily Goward


"Costuming has always been a great love of my life. It is not about covering one's self and identity in the mask of another, but rather bringing out a part of one's inner-self and unabashedly showing it to the world. 
To those on the outside, I seem quiet and demure, but when I have occasion to dress up, I transform into my truer self. Though the costumes take many forms, I put a piece of myself into each and the part of myself that I show the world is remade into a strong figure worthy of note and respect, a force to be reckoned with, a warrior. 
I cannot claim to know what it feels like to be faced with severe illness, but I can imagine the level of uncertainty and vulnerability it must bring. It's at times like those that one needs to be reminded of the inner warrior who rides along within each of us and can give the strength and support needed to face the future. No matter what life gives us, we are never alone, we just need to remember to look inside. Thank you Hidden Warriors Project for helping to remind us of our warrior within."

Shalema Henderson


"I lost my grandmother to cancer, she was a warrior in spirit and in character and to me the Hidden Warriors Project is a symbol of the strength of her spirit."

Kyle Harder


Kyle Harder is a New York based artist who began her career in Women’s Wear Design. After designing for brands like Rocawear, Bill Blass New York and Thuy she assisted Broadway Costume Designer Andrea Lauer where she worked on shows such as American Idiot, Tru, Bring It On and a number of other projects. Her love for creating a character with the help of make up developed here, leading her to follow her new passion at the Make Up For Ever Academy NY. During this time she has been the Hair and Make Up Artist on multiple TV shows and Films including A&E’s Duck Dynasty, Blue Caprice, and Deep Powder, Fashion week 2011 & 2012, The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2012, and for Clients including Susie Essman of Curb Your Enthusiasm, and Flo Rida’s featured artist Stayc Reign. She continues to learn and be inspired by her surroundings each day. Check out her work at

Lauryn MacGregor


"My goal is to stimulate the imagination of those around me and to provide the tools for realizing their fantasies through my custom designs.

I have always been fascinated by the textures and forms found in nature and love to incorporate them into my work. To do this I make my own molds of fossils, shells, insects, and other found objects and combine these elements into wearable art."

"This project gives me the opportunity to share the beauty, strength and creativity that we all have in us. I love seeing someone put on one of my pieces and feel that strength flow through them. It's like a gift to me from them. I can help even if I can't cure cancer."

Kodo Nishimura


Kodo Nishimura is a Japanese makeup artist living and working in New York City. He grew up in Tokyo, in a serene Buddhist temple. He practiced traditional Japanese flower arrangement for eight years. After graduating from high school in Tokyo, he moved to the United States at the age of 18. Later he graduated from Parsons The New School for Design majoring in Fine Arts. Currently he works at various photo shoots, short films, TV shows including The View, Miss USA, Miss Universe, MSNBC The Cycle and Daily News, music videos and art projects. Recently he did makeup for Christina Milian, Korie Robertson and Missy Robertson from Duck Dynasty and MSNBC Journalist Thomas Roberts, TV personlity Quddus and Erin Brady, Miss USA 2013. His magazine work include Esquire magzine, US Weekly Magazine and the cover of Life & Style Magazine. He enjoys finding connections between art and makeup.

"I wanted to participate in this project because I believe in makeup with a meaning just like art has meaning behind what is visible. Also, I am very willing to help people to shine even brighter."


Samuel A McKinley


"I like to think that what is softest in the universe ultimately, analogically, drives what appears hardest. I believe that this project has an unlimited appeal and rippling potential to empower people challenged and ravaged by cancer, whilst also allowing those who have had close family lives taken to be instrumental in helping to restore a quality of pride and vitality. Honoured to be involved."

Jenni Shaw


Jenni studied Fashion Make-up Artistry at the New York Make-Up Designory. She now works in fashion, film, television, and does red carpet as well as runway.  Her work has been published in magazines such as: Teen Vogue, Filter, People, WWD, Cosmo, and GQ. She works with models, celebrities, kids, CEO's, politicians, rock stars, chefs, surgeons and athletes. 

"I love what I do passionately and manage to fall in love with every face I am lucky enough to work on."

Carrie Mae Rose


Carrie Mae Rose is a sculptor, seeker and technologist whose research overlaps into the fields of fine art, technology, fashion, science and mysticism. Rose’s work has evolved from her Wearable Weapon sculptures series made from TSA scissors and razor blades to creating sculptures, prints and Computational Couture items embedded with technology. She is currently collaborating with Mars WithOut Borders (MWOB) to build a crystalline garment with EEG & HPV sensor feedback to train future astronauts in meditation. You can see more of her work here:    

Gloria Espinoza


Gloria Espinoza is skilled in the art of traditional cut & color though her true passion lies in the art of styling which she has perfected while assisting some of the top stylists in the industry. Gloria has had the opportunity to work the runways of New York Fashion Week for designers such as Marc Jacobs, Costello Tagliapietra, David Tlale, and Diego Benneti, among others. Her clients have also been featured on,, People Magazine, The Dr. OZ Show, Better TV & Fox & Friends, just to name a few. Her work is currently featured in the daytime Emmy nominated cooking show "Recipe Rehab"

Nicolas Ambrosio


Nicolas Ambrosio is a founder & creative mind of Ambrosio Jewelry. Born in Argentina, Nicolas lives between Milan and New York, where he designs and produces his jewelry. Ambrosio's concept is a philosophical rambling which transports you to the anchored memories of the long-forgotten past. His design ideas and inspirations come from his great passion for art history and ethnical cultures, as well as from random everyday objects. After traveling and exploring many places around the globe, Nicolas came up with an idea of transforming these simple objects he finds into fashionable, wearable items, in order to give them a new life and a new story. These unique pieces combine antique and modern, classic and edgy. Crafted according to the strict rules of Italian jewelry-making, Ambrosio jewelry stands out for its originality and realness. It's a fashion statement that speaks for itself while being humble.

Darrell Thorne


Darrell Thorne is a costume designer, performer and makeup artist based in Brooklyn, NY.  He specializes in "extreme fantasy" and his work has been featured in Numero, Japan Vogue, Paper, and V Magazine, as well as videos for Steven Klein, Jennifer Hudson, Blondie, and the Magnetic Fields.

Charmaine Joie Rodriguez


With over 22 years experience in the fashion industry (BCBG ,NBC "Fashion Star", Samsung ) Charmaine J Rodriguez is finally emerging as a couture designer - under her new label Charmaine Joie Couture.  Designing for the woman who wants to reflect her true beauty.Through the years, her knowledge and skills grew by learning every aspect of the design & production process.  In 2011, Charmaine became part of the NBC series " Fashion Star" for 2 seasons. This catapulted her to become a full fledged designer.Forward to today, 2015, she's finally launching her own couture dress line & label, Charmaine Joie Couture. "

Jane Hutchison


Jane is the Founder & Creative Director of the Hello Beautiful Foundation a London based Cancer charity.
After her own diagnosis with Breast Cancer in 2012, Jane set out to begin educating people on the benefits of living a healthy and otherwise non-toxic lifestyle.
Her mission became cancer prevention through self-help principles and sustainable nutritional regimes.

As also the co-Founder of the Hello Love Art & Design Studio, Jane expresses Hello Beautiful artistically as concept that aims to strip out the negative energy associated with cancer, and in turn highlight the beauty that can be found within this struggle.
As an experience that lives, breaths and evolves, Hello Beautiful explores the issues that arise when we, or our loved ones are faced with cancer and the importance that emotional awareness and positivity have in this reality.

Jane hosts a wide variety of motivational talks and "Art & Medicine" workshops in both schools and hospitals around the country.

Hello Beautiful are very excited to be working closely with Hidden Warriors on a photography exhibit to be showcased in London soon.

Jasmina Tomic


Jasmina was born in Belgrade, in what is now known as Serbia, from where she emigrated during her adolescence to the beautiful country of New Zealand.  

After graduating from Elam School of Fine Arts, New Zealand's leading art school, Jasmina firmly established herself as an up and coming artist. She exhibited at a number of galleries and her work was selected from competition to become public art. Jasmina moved to Paris where she forayed into fashion photography while completing her Masters degree. Her arts practice continued to develop to critical acclaim and Jasmina was invited to Beijing and Shanghai on an arts exchange programme. Jasmina now lives in New York where she works as a photographer for the fashion and music industries as well as continuing her arts practice.  


Make Me Dreadful


Erika Bansen- The only loctician in the NY area who uses the crochet method, she is the rockstar of cosmetologists.  Compulsive creator, photographer, fire spinner (poi), and beautiful person, inside and out!  ​

Sylva Hattington


Owner, maker, designer, curator, Haberdasher Extraordinaire at Bubbles and Frown Haberdashery.  I started creating hats in the fall of 2008, starting off with tiny asymmetrical top hats and evolving into more theatrical pieces over the years. My most recent love is foam fabrication and vegan headdresses!

Adriana De Cervantes


Adriana De Cervantes graduated from Pratt Institute with a BFA in Photography.  She is currently working in New York City.  She is a photo taker & a cookie baker; a biker, hiker & motorcycler.  She loves food, traveling, & eating food while traveling, and most of all making top notch work.

Marta Brandysiewicz


Marta B. is the MVP of the HWP!  Her list of superpowers is too long to post here, but she is best known for her clothing design (she has collaborated with Nicole Farhi, Bruce Oldfield, Top Shop, Miss Selfridge, House of Fraser, Next, River Island, Lucky Brand, Paper Denim & Cloth, The Gap, Jessica Simpson Intimates and Touch by Alyssa Milano.)  Her work has been featured in Marie Claire, Elle, Vogue, WWD, and People Magazine, and sold in stores like Bloomingdales, Macy's, Lord & Taylor as well as various retail outlets around the world.
Likewise, Marta has strong experience consulting on various Brand & Product Development concepts for several Marketing & Licensing firms throughout New York City, spearheading celebrity branding & identity campaigns for the estates of Marilyn Monroe and Nicole 'Snooki' Polizzi.
The Hidden Warriors Project would not be possible without Marta's passion and creative brilliance.  We believe she was sent to earth to make everything she touches MUCH more beautiful, and we love her for using her unlimited potential and purpose to empower people with us.


Ian James Roberts


 "Having many family members be affected by this plague, I was happy to jump at the chance to involve myself in a project where, for one fleeting moment being captured forever, all of that goes away."

Gabriella Barnstone


Gabriella is a yoga teacher who firmly believes in practicing safely and with intelligence, and strives to help every individual establish a sense of independence within his or her own practice. She is continually fascinated by the ever-evolving and revolving nature of the student/teacher relationship.

She will be at our makeover sessions teaching alignment, yoga poses and power poses designed to strengthen everyone involved.

Lesley Arfin


Lesley Arfin is a writer currently living in Los Angeles.  She has written for television shows such as Girls, Portlandia, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and is currently producing a show for Netflix called Love, executive produced by Judd Apatow.  She is also the author of Dear Diary, 2007, Vice/Mtv.
"The HWP is important to me because I support anything that encourages women to be confident-- during times of illness or not.  Plus, headresses are rad, the kind of look I'd really like to see come back in style. I exercise my own Turban Power on the regular.  Celebrate turban times, come on!"

Seevon Chau


Seevon Chau is a makeup artist, free spirit & dance party instigator!

Here she is doing her thing for the Miss USA pageant. We are psyched to be joining forces with Seevon!


Ka Amorastreya


Ka's mission is to create and embody a loving reflection that gazes back into the heart of humanity, illuminating the beauty within the beholder. She hopes her art will remind us all of our intuitive ability to love and heal ourselves, each other, and our world, while inspiring us to create the beauty we wish to see, so that we may walk in Heaven while our feet still touch the Earth.

Deborah Harper


Debby Harper: Deborah Harper spent much of her childhood and early artistic development in the artisan village of Carmel, California. Inspired by the beauty and whimsical atmosphere of that area, she became a prolific painter and sculptor.
A move to Los Angeles prompted her to venture into original clothing design which resulted in her becoming a fashion designer for several of MGM Studio’s top television shows. Deborah now brings her expertise in specialized fabrics and design to her hand crafted crowns and head pieces. 

"When you contacted me you just touched my heart. There was sincerity and an authenticity about you, even though I had no idea who you were! I prayed about weather I should join up with this group of women and donate a crown. I felt God really wanted me to be a part of this Beautiful here I am......It was as simple as that!"


Rosanna Rodriguez


"My grandmother is a breast cancer survivor. It's great that we can all come together and lend a helping hand. I love helping people & feel there's no better feeling than putting a smile on someone's face. As Gandhi said "the best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others."

Michelledana Shafran


Michelledana Shafran is a Dance/Movement Therapist and Certified Yoga Teacher who has been dancing and choreographing movement for over 20 years; teaching and performing nationally as well as internationally. 

Michelledana greatly enjoys sharing the gifts of movement with EVERY body; inviting and encouraging people of all ages, shapes, and sizes to move and be moved.  Michelledana lost her mother to cancer nearly seven years ago.  Since then she has worked as a personal chef, cooking organic, nourishing meals for for women going through breast cancer treatments.  

Hosh Yoga


Hosh Yoga, our fiscal sponsor, is a donation-based non-profit yoga studio dedicated to spreading the love of yoga and fostering a nurturing yoga community in the Williamsburg/Greenpoint/Bedford area of Brooklyn and beyond. 

Hosh offers high-quality vinyasa-style yoga regardless of income or skill level. We believe in health and wellness as a right of life rather than a luxury. 

Cristina Torre


Christina Torre has been a committed Montessori educator for the last 19 years. She has worked with children at each level both in school environments around the world as well as implemented the Montessori philosophy in community programs and charitable projects related to the well being of the child such as domestic violence prevention programs while working at the Joe Torre Safe at Home Foundation. Most of my experience is with young children from birth to 6 years. 
She currently runs a Montessori consulting service, Torre di Montessori, Inc. based in the New York Metropolitan areaShe works in homes with families to prepare environments, human and physical, that nurture the natural develop of the young child. In 2012 she began her MSC in Mindfulness through the University of Aberdeen. She offers 8 week Introduction to Mindfulness trainings based on MBLC, as well as Introduction to Mindfulness day workshops.



Prissajean is the Makeup Artist and Beauty Editor of the television show, A Taste of New York. Her best beauty secret is attaining radiant skin at a cellular level.  She is also the designer and curator of New Authentic Woman beauty products, a line of 100% natural pure ingredients that simply work. The philosophy behind New Authentic Woman is that to achieve true beauty, you must first learn to love yourself. Once you learn to love yourself, you take care of yourself, and once you take care of your body, you will radiate beauty. Prissa's passion is to empower women to take charge of their beauty and health. As the premier makeup artist combining green beauty, anti-aging secrets and holistic wellness, Prissa's philosophy and practice are highly effective and essential for beautiful skin and a healthy body.

Cat Mallone


 As a versatile, multi-platform producer and curator, Cat Mallone embraces collaboration and brings talented people together to create and lead powerful teams in a broad range of fields.  She cultivates, manages, and designs projects and events in the realms of art, video, nightlife, and food and beverage.  Since 2011, she has held the position of Events Director and General Manager at Maison Premiere, a James Beard Award nominated bar/restaurant.  Currently, she is engaging the NYC dating event scene by launching and co-hosting a monthly underground dance music mixer.  Her past projects include the High Line’s pop-up wine bar, The Lot on Tap by Colicchio & Sons, and Walk With Me, a feature-length film documenting the arts for social change movement.  She received an M.A. in Media Studies from The New School and a B.A. in Italian Studies from Boston University.  She resides in Brooklyn. 

Leah Lau


Leah Lau is a costume designer, photographer, writer and humanitarian based in Los Angeles and San Francisco.
The journey of this life, both literal and figurative, has taken her around the world to all seven continents, reveling in the wildest and farthest reaches to the most beautiful places on this earth. Her life's work is art and philanthropy. Since 1993, she has done extensive volunteer work locally, nationally and internationally, focusing on women and children's causes, education, fundraising for the arts, and HIV / AIDS.
Since she was a child, she has been designing and creating her own costumes ~ physical manifestations of the sparkling visions that dance in her mind, spirit and heart.
You can see her couture costumes at and photography at Find her on Instagram and Twitter @vivacostumes.


Brittany Graham


Brittany “Bella” Graham is the CEO of Miss Bella Graham ConsultingTM – a public relations, marketing, and branding firm – and a socio-cultural idealistat the vanguard of young Hollywood. Fusing a genuine love of people, art,music, film, television, and fashion with vast working knowledge of masscommunications, media relations, and target marketing, Bella pulls from herpast collaborations with global powerhouse brands such as Google, Joy Rich,Crooks & Castles, Pure DOPE Magazine, GUESS, Frederick’s of Hollywood, and ELLE Magazine, to implement targeted marketing strategies. At heart, Bella is awriter, and such, merged into her well-penned approach to the editorial processis an advocacy of humanity coupled with her self-appointed responsibility toinform. An undercurrent of journalistic integrity compels her belief that thegeneral consumer should be an informed decision maker in the marketplace. Asa result, educating and inspiring her viewer, reader, and follower is held with theequal importance of entertaining them. As an engagement marketer, Bella is anadvanced creative professional, and collaborates seamlessly with art productionand social-influence marketing teams to execute flawless campaigns and cutting-edge programs that achieve results. Now, as Hidden Warrior’s Marketing and PRDirector, Bella is ready to share her creative branding, marketing, and outreachsuperpowers with Hidden Warriors to empower women all around the world, andhelp the organization become the powerful, international force it is destined tobe!

Tamara Wroclawsky


Tamara Wroclawsky is a photographer, makeup artist, graphic artist and stylist, based out of Orange County, California. She has been running Face On By Tamara successfully for over nine years.Worldwide companies such as Harley Davidson, Bonny Bridal and Millionaire Matchmaker recognize Tamara's work. Her work has graced covers and inside spreads of magazines, fashion catalogs, and store advertisements for years. She has written many beauty and makeup tip columns as a guest expert in magazines, including Parenting OC Magazine, and Drive In Magazine. Tamara believes that everyone has the potential to look and feel beautiful, and deserves to feel that way. She believes God has given her a talent and she wants to share it with the world. Whether by making the housewife next door feel empowered and breathtaking or lighting up the life of a terminally ill child during one of her yearly trips to visit the young children in the Children's Hospital of Orange County in the Cancer Ward.  " It was my vision in the beginning to help people, to use my gifts and to inspire them, and it still is. I want to be remembered not just as a photographer, but as a woman who had a passion for making people feel beautiful, for making people laugh and for giving people memories they can cherish for a lifetime" ~ Tamara Wroclawsky of Face On By Tamara /

Dance For Humanity

Dance For Humanity (DFH) is a global movement that strives to provide growth tools for all people to unlearn fear and learn love for themselves and all beings so that they may be empowered to transform the world into a kinder, non-violent place. Dance For Humanity offers an array of conscious events, retreats and festivals that combine community, spirituality, music, dance, art, self exploration and radical self-expression through interactive experiences, workshops, exhibits, sharing circles and a higher conscious dance party. For more information, visit and



JoRocco is an NYC based jewelry brand for the free and expressive.

Erin Somerset


Erin Somerset is the owner of Diamond Mind Reiki and is an Empath, Healer, Intuitive, and Usui and Karuna Reiki Master/Teacher as well as a Makeup Artist living in Los Angeles, CA. Erin discovered her path as a healer when taking care of her mother who had been diagnosed with cancer. Looking for answers outside of the Westernized approach of just healing the symptoms and not addressing the cause, she discovered energy work and Reiki. As a Reiki Master, Erin believes in a holistic approach to life- creating a mind, body, spirit balance through bodywork, energy work, and meditation. Healing the whole person for a healthy and abundant life full of love, joy and light.

Haute Rebellion Jewelry


Nicole Thomas is an avid believer in the quote "Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on Earth." - Muhammad Ali

She is extremely passionate about Human rights, Children and Jewels! As a mother and an educator, she believes that children are invaluable. They are our most precious seeds on Earth. In 2014, Nicole's love for jewels began her on a journey as an entrepreneur. Hence, haute Rebellion jewelry was birthed. As the owner of haute REBELLION jewels, Nicole understands that every woman has been gifted with a Rebellious, WARRIOR spirit!... EVERY woman has a unique statement to make in this world. haute REBELLION jewels embodies this philosophy.

Diane (Dede) Ceballos

Dede is a licensed occupational therapist and a great believer in the power of intention, human connection, and meaningful activity to transform health outcomes in individuals and communities. 
She will be applying occupational therapy's holistic principles to the Hidden Warriors Project, assisting in the program's development, implementation, and evaluation. This will help to clearly define the program's objectives to the participants, carry out the therapeutic-like aspects of the transformative process of the program, and provide key evaluation of the program's success on improving participants' quality of life and self-esteem through their participation in the Hidden Warriors Project.

"For me, having the opportunity to collaborate and contribute to this project has been an inspiration. It provides an outlet, not only to help others in difficult times, but to witness the power of the collective. I feel a new hope in humanity when I see people working together to create positive change."

Brande Wilkerson


Brande Wilkerson is an internationally published artist/designer/photographer for Victory Vintage Boutique & Design Studio. She began curating & selling vintage fashion in 1999 where her love of fashion, styling & design grew. She debuted her own line of designs in 2012 when she opened her Etsy design studio. Her desire to defy trends & express individual style birthed her own collection of original fashion & costume designs. Her designs include headpieces & accessories inspired by classic art nouveau & victorian style.Her passion is high fashion where she is in constant pursuit of the most innovative & creative approach to her new designs.
Brande's photography & fashion stylist work has been published in multiple international fashion magazines such as 360 Magazine, Neiman Marcus The BOOK, Flawless Magazine, Fashion Faces Magazine, MEADE Magazine, Get Inspired Magazine & more. 

JW Perkins


JW Perkins is a screenwriter/ videographer and photographer.

His superpowers are empathy, compassion and artful storytelling. He will be shooting video for our first 3 events. 

"Most of us has had a loved one battle cancer. Marlene's passion to encourage women to find strength despite their illness was infectious. 

I had to be a part of this beautiful cause."

Tommy Rockstar


Tommy Rockstar is an entrepreneur, connector and business owner at Underground Press, where he has been providing screen printing and merchandise services for the last 15 years. He is also a former musician, and toured all over the world with his band, Latex Generation.

"I'm contributing because I wanted to give back to society and help my fellow friends do some good in this big, scary & unpredictable world. If we can put a smile on just one person's face during their time of adversity, then I know we can replicate that over & over until everyone we reach feels empowered by our outreach."

Sherri Varilek


"When I first heard about it, I was blown away by what a simple and fantastic idea it is...the beauty of empowerment, the use of the body as a canvas for this message, and the depiction of cancer survivors as warriors, surviving and fighting this disease with beauty and grace."

Yelena Mna



"The most precious thing is life and health of you and your loved ones. So many people are suffering each day for endless reasons, so I really try to remind myself how fortunate I am and not take anything for granted. I think true happiness is the ability to enjoy it all and have strength to overcome the obstacles. Concentrate on the positive and not take the self too seriously." 


Stefani Gallagher


Stefani Gallagher is a yoga instructor, general badass, and a collaborator in the HWP! 
Stefani was introduced to yoga after an array of physical and emotional trauma. After just one class she became hooked and began her journey on the mat. 

Her drive for being a teacher comes from the love of helping and healing others. This is her way to share her passion with the world. Stefani is currently a certified instructor of Land Yoga and Air Yoga. Her classes are designed to build awareness & self-love, while creating a space for all levels to come practice.

Paradise Gypsies


"We are mother & daughter born in England.  I graduated with Honours from Central St. Martins in London studying Fashion Womenswear.  Since then, I have worked for my own label, creating leatherwork for clients Worldwide and enjoying collaborations with musicians, fashion director's & editors & fashion designers such as Jean Paul Gaultier in Paris.
Since becoming a mother in 2009 and being on the road travelling across Europe and South East Asia with my daughter Gypsy, I have collected up on our walls many of her inspirational drawings and decided to build a little something for her.  She already loves feathers, beads, necklaces & bags, so this is a great way for us to enjoy the creative design process together."

Sue Sullivan


Sue Sullivan has been an LPN since 2004.  Sue will be our in-house nurse, for added nurturing, in case any of our warrior "models" need vitals checked or assistance.  

"I was more than thrilled when Marlene asked me to be part of such a wonderfully amazing project.  I haven't been personally affected by cancer, but as a nurse I've seen many patients and families struggle with this disease. I've witnessed how debilitating, frustrating, and depressing breast cancer can be and how it can thoroughly take it's toll on a woman's self esteem.  I find it to be an honor to be a part of the HWP and I look forward to helping in any way I can. "

Josette Redwolf


Josette Redwolf is a Designer, Actor and Total Badass. The Ultimate Cheerleader for the HWP!

"As a Single mom with a child, with whom I share a very rare and debilitating genetic disease, everyday can be a struggle for us. The pain, the not knowing, the stigma of having an invisible illness. We know it well. I want to give the women fighting for their lives a chance to feel empowered and beautiful. Illness,chronic fatigue, side effects from meds, all can wear you down and take the fight out of you.

One photo session like what Hidden Warriors provides can restore that feeling of power and lead a woman back to the road of fighting for victory!"

Valeria Ugarte


Originally from Chile, Valeria works with The Montessori School in Soho, NYC.  Prior, she had experience working as a School Psychologist in Santiago de Chile and as a Research Assistant at Universities in Chile and in the US in the educational and child development fields.
Valeria holds a Masters degree in Psychology from the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile and is is deeply passionate about Montessori, where she found an intelligent, integrated, and organic way to approach children with the respect, care, and love they deserve. Once she discovered Montessori, she felt her path was not in “curing children” but in creating environments in which they will thrive.
Valeria will be integrating her teaching/psychology background, deeply nurturing spirit and love of yoga into the Hidden Warriors Project.  

Fast Ashleys Studios


Fast Ashleys Studios is the premier full-service photo and video studio facility known for its friendly staff and commitment to client accommodation. Fast Ashleys is located on a quiet street in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, offering utmost privacy and accessibility. Offering four drive-in studios, pristine cycs, location services and state-of-the-art equipment rental, Fast Ashleys is proud to be a one-stop shop for creatives alike.

Buttacup Promotions


Buttacup promotions seeks to perpetuate and promote the beautiful and spirited customs of the Caribbean in particular Trinidad and Tobago and Grenada in song, music, dance cuisine, education, health and history. Through their fundraising efforts, Buttacup Promotions hopes to realise one of its goals of assisting, where possible, the needy in Trinidad and Tobago, Grenada and the Caribbean. Their activities promise to be sophisticated with 
the radiance of the Caribbean.

Aleathia Brown


Aleathia Brown, Founder/CEO
Unveiled Unlocked a global initiative founded by Ms. Brown touching lives of
the underserved Bare Head (hair free) Women & Men namely of color, from lifestyle choice, emotionally charged or by not choosing due to medical issues. Unveiled Unlocked affectionately named by Aleathia Brown illuminates the “Bare Head Beauties & Bare Head Brothers”. Unveiled Unlocked continues to journey through its message about emotional wellness, self awareness, self love and changing the perspectives of beauty from hair to hair free.

The Factory


Started in 2013 by industry veterans Louie Hinnen & Paul Outlaw, The Factory specializes in photography sets, event fabrication, custom props, scenic painting, carpentry, and remodeled interiors.  The 15,000 square foot workshop, located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, is well equipped to excel in everything from woodworking, CNC, welding, to mold making and sprayed plastics.  Founded by artists and staffed with skilled craftsmen, the Factory excels in solving any creative demands and takes pride in building smarter, using superior materials, and focusing on details in order to create the perfect product.

Ellie Pappas


Ellie is a Certified Life Coach with a Licensed Master’s in Social Work. She provides empowerment and guidance to individuals from all around the world. In May of 2013, she began her life coaching certification with the Quantum Success Life Coaching Academy and started one on one coaching.

Ellie’s Life Coaching services empower individuals to build an awareness of how thoughts and emotions may serve as blocks in achieving goals and dreams. Most importantly, her work aims to catalyze an inner revolution to allow integration within the self to occur. Ellie firmly believes all people possess the power to heal themselves and provides her clients with tools to take an inward journey in uncovering their hidden potentials and purpose.

Dana Marie Burmeister


Dana Marie Burmeister is a dual MA graduate in Jewelry & Metals and Luxury & Fashion from the Savannah College of Art and Design.She now resides and creates in New York City.

Hannah Concannon


Hannah Concannon is a multidisciplinary artist based in Portland, OR. Bestknown for her transformative daily face painting project, The Dress UpBox, her work has been featured by Instagram, Allure, Juxtapoz,Refinery29, Racked, The Huffington Post,, FashPlay, and TheBold Italic. She began working with cosmetics in January 2013 as anavenue of expression during a time of intense personal struggle andgrowth. She believes strongly in the power of costume as a source ofempowerment and is ecstatic to be a Hidden Warriors Collaborator.

Jane Noriega


Jane Noriega is a freelance Fashion Stylist and Costume Designer based in Brooklyn, NY. Most of her inspirations come from the world of dance, nature and history. In 2012 she graduated from the High School of Fashion Industries and is now attending the Art Institute of New York

Aziza Rasulova


 I'm Aziza Rasulova. I moved to NYC in 2010 to pursue my career to be a hairstylist. I started at Arrojo Studio located in SoHo NYC where actually I'm currently working. I'm the one who loves everything about hair, especially styling beginning from everyday looks, fashion runways to Avant-Garde hairstyles and braids. For the past couple of years I've been traveling doing trade shows, beauty shows along with photo shoots and fashion weeks. ​

Avant Garde


Stay up-to-date on the latest trends and styles in the world of fashion and philanthropy with AVANT GARDE Magazine. Our online and print publication highlights the amazing talents of well-known designers, models, photographers, hair and makeup artists, actors, and writers in the industry. From casual to couture, AVANT GARDE Magazine is your insider guide to fashion's most fabulous editorials and up-and-coming designers. In addition to delivering some of the biggest fashion trends, events, personality, and beauty stories, we feature style-conscious visionaries who inspire and transform the world around them.


Colin Tiang


Colin (aka Kolin) is a travel writer based in Melbourne and Singapore. He holds a Master degree in Education from the University of Melbourne and when he is not busy writing stuff about travel, he travels. You can read more about him and his little views of the world here.

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