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Lisa D'apolito


Lisa D'apolito is a New York based filmmaker and Executive Producer at 3 Faces Films.  Lisa is currently directing the documentary LOVE Gilda- the legacy of Gilda Radner.  LOVE Gilda is the story of how one beloved comedienne became an inspiration to people facing cancer.


B12 Studio

B12 Studio is the centerpiece of JUICE Pharma Worldwide's Integrated Production Department.


We collaborate with Creative teams to organically conceive, create, and produce work of the highest caliber, on time and on budget.


Our wide range of in-house skill allows us to offer complete production support on any ideas from concept to completion.  Services include video, photography, post, retouching, print and multimedia file prep and interactive development.


We exist to turn the most creative, innovative ideas into compelling realities, unencumbered by the medium.


Shaun Benjamin / Kid Singapore




(photo by

Jose L Lopez

Jose L Lopez is a NYC based Freelance Hair/Makeup/SPFX/Body Paint Artist. His work can be seen in Feature Films, Indie Films, webseries, music videos and commercials.  In the fashion world, his work has been published in several fashion magazines (including 2 covers).  For this body of work please view:





Jose brings his passion, humor, energy and creativity to every project he is a part of!

Julien Martin

Julien Martin is a makeup artist, performer and costume designer based in Manhattan, NY.  He specializes in “Light up costume pieces and Fantastical makeup artistry" and his work has been seen in Pines Party’s promotional trailer, Atlantis Cruises, and many other gay circuit fundraisers and events.




Marina Adams


At times, my inner world is in a negative loop. By adorning myself "as if" I am in my power, my attitude shifts. I don’t look at any of my flamboyant clothes as “costume”. Each look is a creative expression of a different aspect of my femininity. Sometimes it’s fierce. Sometimes its silly. Sometimes its sexy. It’s all me. I encourage women, especially in the face of any crisis or when they feel like they are swimming against the current, to stand tall and proud and unabashedly express the creative, feminine power inside them. By stepping out of what we think is “normal”, we broaden our horizons of who we think we are and what we are capable of.

Maria Cutrona

"The practice, maintaining breath, alignment and awareness,  while holding the highest intention in mind, completely regenerates you and takes you to a state  of mind that is spacious and accepting.

The practice creates a shift in your perspective and plants a seed for your complete  “transformation."

my training is steeped in the ashtanga tradition blending elements from vinyasa flow and the rigor of Yin Yoga. 


Maintaining  the outer practice of form and breath and the inner practice of intention and focus, yoga teaches us to live more deeply, to connect more deeply, to live a more fulfilling life with clarity."

Escape Adulthood

Our mission is to annihilate Adultitis. That includes working with organizations to deliver speaking programs that drive innovation, prevent burnout, and achieve new levels of productivity. We also develop tools and make things to help individuals design lives that are less stressful and more fun. Everything is fueled by Jason’s whimsical artwork and it all began with a humble comic strip. (Meet Kim & Jason, the founders of Escape Adulthood, and the team that helps them keep Adultitis on the run.) Although our mission is a simple one, it’s the fight of a lifetime.

Magdalena Santiago/Baile Inolvidable

Unlike most dance instructors, I began my career later in life, when I realized that the club scene no longer held any interest for me. For nearly a decade, I have been teaching in Suffolk County, NY, and training with some of the best talent the ballroom dance community has to offer. I am well versed in both the American and International Style of ballroom and latin dancing, as well as club style dances such as Salsa, Merengue, Hustle, West Coast Swing, and Bachata. I regularly compete throughout the NorthEast, and have garnered a few championships for myself as well.

About Baile Inolvidable

As I struck out on my own, I wanted a name for the establishment that was memorable. What better choice than "Inolvidable"? Taken from one of my favorite songs by the band Reik, "Inolvidable" means "Unforgettable". It seemed appropriate, because I wanted everyone that I taught to have an unforgettably enjoyable ballroom dancing experience. Thus, Baile Inolvidable, or "Unforgettable Dance" was born.

Pistol Studios

Pistol Studios has been "Keeping it Real Since 2005."


Born and raised out of an art loft

in the TriBeCa neighborhood of New York City, Pistol has been integrated into the photography and visual art scene since it's creation. 

Started by Jason Tuchman, a personal purveyor of fine digital imaging, Pistol focuses on working with artists and clients to create beautiful imagery. Pistol is proud to produce video, CGI, still and product photography and imaging for the Advertising, Editorial and Packaging industries. 

Human Revolution Clothing

What started out as a silly idea to make undies for yogi’s has turned into a life passion and personal mission of educating, inspiring, and supporting people in changing the way clothing is made; seed to shirt. When lauren learned cotton was second to oil as the dirtiest crop in the world, that cotton was the most genetically modified and chemically intensive as well, and that we actually ingest more of this toxic crop than we wear, she couldn’t sit back, she had to be apart of the solution! For more info on lauren and HRC, stop by their website 

Pauline Saade

For over 18 years Pauline’s has been helping cancer patients and caregivers get access to the various treatments and resources they need.


At her current job, she’s been honored to be part of a team that has helped over 70 thousand patients nationwide.  She worked closely with patients, caregivers, and healthcare providers across the country.  Being a caregiver for her father has given her a unique perspective on the challenges facing patients and their families. Her desire to make a difference has helped contribute to making her a passionate advocate for those in need.


Originally from Lebanon, Pauline is a graduate from Rutgers University with a Major in Psychology. She’s recently married, a talented painter, avid photographer and loves to utilize her creativity via various social media platforms. passion


Pauline is extremely excited to be part of the Hidden Warrior Project.  She looks forward to integrating her psychology/Advocacy/creativity/technical skills to add into the mission of the Hidden Warriors Project. 


Her favorite quote is: “Your work is to discover your world and then, with all your heart, give yourself to it.” ~Buddha~

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