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"Dream with a capital D...
This one minute video briefly depicts the tale of our friend who started something not so long ago because she felt the calling and had reason. Not much was clear to her and it was an uphill path with no reward offered. 
But as this was deep within her and she lived it day in day out, even before it manifested into 3D reality it was always alive and kicking in her mind.
Through strength of focus, drive and determination it didn't take too long for 3D reality to catch up to her mental lead as it began to reveal not only the Hidden Warriors that were all around her but also the one inside.
This is a fine example of how energy may be transformed when you simply listen to your heart, care not for the detail and keep your eyes on the prize.
If you hear a calling, listen to it, for you may discover the warrior that lies within us all...
Much love and respect to Marlene Sarli
-Ben Johnson, Hidden Warriors Collaborator 



Inspiration for Salubrious Women


Hidden Warriors at Orange County Fashion Week. Presented by Avant Garde Magazine at AnQi by Crustacean.


All crowns created by Mimsy Crowns (

HAUTE OC Traveler


All crowns at this event were designed and created with love by Mimsy Crowns.

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