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No gift is too large or too small and any size donation you give will be greatly appreciated!
What Your Donation Supports:

Cancer can often leave people feeling hopeless and lacking confidence to fight disease. Hidden Warriors is an innovative not-for-profit organization that uses a transformative workshop model to create confidence and a sense of empowerment. We are devoted to providing support and uncovering a warrior spirit in people who need courage to fight disease and discouragement.


Hidden Warriors will use your generous support to provide free "Warrior Makeover Workshops" for women who have been affected by cancer.  These experiences are designed to increase self-esteem and confidence, reduce stress, and empower women in the fight for their lives. Your donation will help us continue this movement world-wide.  Let's GO!



Send a check to:

Hidden Warriors, Inc. 

80 N. Country Rd. 

Setauket, NY 11733




If you would like to be transformed at of one of our amazing and empowering events, send a photo of your face, and one of your full body so that we can keep it on file for the staff to plan out a look for you when the time comes. Please send your info to


It helps to also send a short statement on what you would not change about your experience with cancer.  We like to focus on the "Gold in the Darkness", the priceless perspective shifts that come out of a cancer diagnosis.  

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